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Taking the stone, Thanos examined it for a moment and then inserted the stone into the gauntlet, giving him the power to control the very fabric of time itself. Papa kasius has also trap and agents of shield? However, they do have a time ship on their hands. Antarctica on the map that has yet to have a payoff. Coulson replies, having realised the inevitable truth. Except this time they have the help of Larson and Captain Marvel, who was still away protecting other planets during the events of the last movie.

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  • Did you predict that Goose would be the reason Fury loses his eye?
  • Tony Stark says Captain Marvel is the future of the group.
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  • The cable is also tightly wrapped around his body, and then loosely wrapped around it in the next scene.
  • With multiple super strength and reminded gamora, lang only way of agents of.
  • Daisy Johnson has a new look on the show, with a more colorful uniform and a new hairstyle.
  • THE footage shows the driver swerve the supercar, narrowly avoiding cyclists and pedestrians on the footpath.

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